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Designing Orthodontic Craniofacial Templates for 8-14 year-old Iranian Girls Based on Cephalometric Norms

Authors: Chalipa J, Akhoundi MS, Shoshtarimoghaddam E, Nik TH, Imani M
Keywords: Analysis, Cephalometry, Malocclusion, Orthodontics
(J Dent (Tehran, Vol.10, No.1, 2013,Page:64-73,Number of Page:2008-2185



Cephalometry and its related analyses have an important role in the evaluation of orthodontic patients. Access to an analysis that gives maximum information in the least possible time is an effective way to indicate craniofacial disharmony; therefore, craniofacial templates are very useful tools. The purpose of the present study was to provide orthodontic craniofacial templates for 8-14-year-old Iranian girls.


One thousand two-hundred and nine girls (age range, 8-14 years) were examined. Eighty of these cases were finally chosen for the study and their lateral cephalograms were traced. Both Basion-Nasion (Ba-N) and Sella-Nasion (S-N) lines were selected for superimposition in this study. Based on these two mentioned lines, a template for each age was designed. Simple linear regression and multivariant regression analysis were used to evaluate the angles and to landmark the vectors, respectively.


Findings show that most points change significantly at different ages in the S-N method. In the Ba-N method, all points except for S and Ba have significant changes at different ages.