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Problems in Standardization of Orthodontic Shear Bond Strength Tests; A Brief Review

Authors: M.S. A. Akhoundi, F. Mojtahedzadeh
Keywords: Orthodontic bond strength, Standardization
(J Dent (Tehran, Vol.2, No.1, 2005,Page:36-39

Bonding brackets to the enamel surface has gained much popularity today. New adhesive systems have been introduced and marketed and a considerable increase in research regarding bond strength has been published. A considerable amount of these studies deal with shear bond strength of adhesives designed for orthodontic purpose. Previous studies have used variety of test designs. This diversity in test design is due to the fact that there is no standard method for evaluating shear bond strength in orthodontics. Therefore comparison of data obtained from different study is almost impossible. This article tries to briefly discuss the developments occurred in the process of shear bond strength measurement of orthodontic adhesives with an emphasis on the type of test set up and load application. Although the test designs for measuring shear bond strength in orthodontics are still far from ideal, attempts must be made to standardize these tests especially in order to make comparison of different data easier. It is recommended that test designs be set up in such a manner that better matches with the purpose of the study.