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Cephalometric Evaluation of Dental and Skeletal Changes in the Vertical Dimension During the First Stage of Treatment using Preadjusted Brackets and the MBT Technique

Authors: M.S. A. Akhoundi, M. Noori Sari, F. Mojtahedzadeh
Keywords: Cephalometrics, Vertical dimention, Preadjusted brackets
(J Dent (Tehran, Vol.2, No.3, 2005,Page:86-90

Statement of Problem: Some vertical changes might be observed during the first stage of orthodontic treatment, aligning and leveling. Purpose: The aim of this study was to evaluate dental and/or skeletal vertical changes occurring in the first stage of preadjusted orthodontic treatment. Materials and 
Methods: Fourteen patients with an average age of 14.1 years were selected for this study. Preadjusted appliances were used and a lateral cephalogram was taken, subsequently. All patients were treated with four first premolar extractions. After 8 weeks of aligning and leveling, a second cephalogram was obtained.