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Sun 25 February 2018 FA

Date: 2012/19/02 - 13:10

Message from the chancellor


Iran is an ancient and vast country situated on Silk Road at the crossroads bridging the two continents of Asia and Europe. This ancient land (formerly Persia) which is the cradle for one of the oldest cultures and civilizations has always been a birthplace for sciences as well as prominent scientists during its 10000 years of history.

Medical sciences record of this large country is as old as its glorious history.    University of Jondishapoor (Gundishapur), founded in fifth century AD, was the world most accredited scientific center and attracted many scientists and researchers from different parts of the world, such as Rome and Greece, who chose to study at this center. Scientific works of the Iranian scholars and physicians were such authoritative resources of sciences that were used as references in many countries for centuries and prominent scientists as: Avicenna, Razi (Rhazes), Birooni (Biruni), and Ali Ibn Abbas (Ahwazi) were quite well-known in western scientific centers.

Establishment of Dar-ol-Fonoon some 150 years ago was the first step taken to revive past scientific glories and status of Iran. These measures were earnestly followed by the establishment of the first modern higher education center in the present site of the University Complex in Tehran, paving the way for creation of a new generation of universities in the Country. At first, the School of Medicine of Tehran University of Medical Sciences was established in 1934 which led to the foundation of a university complex in the capital of Iran to provide favorable opportunities for Iranian talented students and scholars to study or do research in a modern university setting. Fortunately, this scientific foundation has trained many scientists and has brought about immense scientific, cultural and social changes in Iran. Most Iranian researchers and medical specialists have spent a part of their studies at this scientific center.

Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Health Services is known as the largest, the oldest, and the most prestigious medical training and research center as well as the most advanced specialized and sub-specialized services delivery institution in Iran. This University, with 8 schools, 16 teaching hospitals, 25 research centers in Tehran, 15 research stations in 10 provinces of the Country, and 8 national scientific pivots, stands as the first preferred choice or option for the top students to study while taking part at concours and national entrance exams held nationwide.

On the other hand, the authorities of the Country view this University as “the mother university and symbol of the higher education in Iran.”

This University has assumed the important task of rendering Primary Health Care services (PHC) to the population under cover in Tehran, which is the largest and the most populated city of the Country, while playing a unique role in offering specialized and sub-specialized services at national level.

At present, over 10000 students, including the largest number of nation’s postgraduates, are studying in different fields of medical sciences at this University and about 1300 faculty have been assigned to train the students and do research in parallel with offering health care services to the under cover population.

Students of this University mostly achieve the top ranks in different national exams or events held nationwide such as, Comprehensive Basic Medical Sciences, Comprehensive Pre-internship and National Board exams as well as National Scientific Festivals.

Ministry of Health and Medical Education has classified this University the best among the universities of the Country which indicates scientific potentials of the faculty and the students, plus coordinated and planned efforts of my colleagues to achieve  national and international standards.

No doubt, maintenance of sustainable unsurpassed academic status of the University, promotion of its national role in training and providing capable and knowledgeable medical manpower and outstanding researchers as well as presence in regional and international scientific scenes remain as the top priority and desirable goal for the authorities of the University.

The University has the sublime mission to: expand complementary education furthermore specially at postgraduate level to meet medical manpower needs of the Country, enhance research opportunities, produce knowledge and technology, increase scientific publications, and expand its scientific ties with accredited scientific centers of the world. Publication of the largest number of scientific articles among the Iranian universities and establishment of extensive relations with many universities and scientific institutions worldwide prove that successful steps have been taken to upgrade University status in all areas.

We are proud to state that most graduates of this University are teaching and delivering health care services within the Country as well as other countries. We try to establish closer and more fruitful ties between the University and graduates.

I hope this website will acquaint the students and interested people with the potentials, assets, and capacities of the University. Furthermore, we hope to act as a desired host for the students qualified to study here in particular at postgraduate programs.

Ali Jafarian,MD