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The refractive status and vision profile (RSVP) translation into Persian, reliability and validity

Authors: Dr.jafari, Dr.montazeri,Dr.ahadzadegan,Dr.kadkhoda,Dr.ameri,Dr.anvari
Journal of Current Ophthalmology, Vol.18, No.4, 2005,Page:76-83
Purpose: To translate and test the reliability and validity of the Refractive Status and Vision Profile (RSVP), a vision related Quality of Life Questionnaire in Iran.
Patients & Methods: Forward-backward translation method, committee review and pilot testing were performed to report a final Iranian version of the RSVP. Seventy-three consecutive patients with refractive error before or after refractive surgery at the LASIK ward of Farabi Eye Hospital completed the questionnaire. A convenience sample of 14 patients completed the questionnaire twice within one week. Reliability was measured by: test-retest method and internal consistency (Cronbach's a). Validity was evaluated by correlation between the different RSVP subscales, known groups comparison analysis and correlation between the subscales versus global items and traditional clinical measures.
Results: Internal consistency was high (Cronbach's α: 0.71-0.92, except for the subscale expectation,
a: 0.6). Test-retest reliabilities of subscales and overall scores were high except for optical problems and glare. Prior to surgery patients had significantly higher concern, physical/social functioning and overall scores than the post-op patients. Almost all subscales showed desirable inter-scale correlations.
Conclusion: The Iranian version of the RSVP is a reliable and valid measure of vision related quality of life in patients with refractive errors.