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Different causes of referral to ophthalmology emergency room

Authors: Alireza Keshtkar Jafari, MD; Shima Bozorgui, MD; Ahmad Ameri, MD; Faramarz Anvari, MD; Mohammad Reza Akbari, MD; Hojat Salmasian, MD
Keywords: Eye; emergency; globe injury; trauma
Journal of Emergencies, Trauma and Shock, Vol.5, No.1, 2012,Page:16-22


Eye-related complaints compose approximately 1-6% of complaints of patients referring to general emergency ward around the world. Eye injuries are the most common cause of referral to eye emergency ward. To understand the impact of eye injuries in Iran and to plan preventive strategies, it is important to understand the complete magnitude of the problem with regard to true population-based data and standard reproducible definitions.


The main goal of this study was to identify the major causes of referrals to eye emergency ward in patients with eye-related complaints in an eye referral Hospital in Iran.


In a cross-sectional study, 3150 patients who referred to Farabi Hospital emergency ward, Tehran, Iran, from January to December 2007 were included in the study and their detailed information were recorded.


The patients' demographic data, medical history and final diagnosis were recorded in a questionnaire.


The mean age of patients was 33.2±16.8 years and 2380 patients (75.6%) were males. While 299 patients (9.5%) were referred for non-urgent reasons, work-related injuries were the most common cause of referral (955 patients; 30.3%). In patients referred due to trauma (1950 patients), work-related injuries occurred in 955 patients (49%) and occurred accidentally (by chance) in 819 patients (42%). The majority of patients referred with traumatic injuries were males (1708 patients; 87.6% versus 242 patients; 12.4%). The most common etiologies of eye trauma (1950 patients) were metal filings (814 patients; 41.8%),&