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Mahmoud Ghazi-Khansari

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Tel: 6640-2569
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CV last edited on: 2018/28/07



Microbiology, Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, TX, USA , 1981


Microbiology, Northeast Louisiana University, Monroe, LA, USA, 1983


Toxicology and Pharmacology, Northeast Louisiana University, Monroe, LA, USA, 1990


Speaking: Good, Reading: Good, Writing: Good

Member of Scientific, Executive, International Committee of 14Th Iranian. Congress of Physiology and Pharmacology, Tehran 1999


President of Finance, Advertisement and Publication of 14Th Iranian Congress of Physiology and Pharmacology 1999.


Pharmacology, Tehran 1999


Eurotox member 1997.


Member of Scientific committee and Treasurer of First Congress of Clinical Toxicology of Asia and Pacific Ocean and Fifth Iranian Congress of Toxicology and Poisoning Tehran 1997.


Member of Scientific committee and Treasurer of First Congress of Clinical Toxicology of Asia and Pacific Ocean and Fifth Iranian Congress of Toxicology and Poisoning Tehran 1997.


Treasurer of Iranian Society of Toxicology 1993-2000


Member of Iranian Society of Toxicology since 1993


Member of Society of Pharmacology and Physiology since 1992


South Central Chapter of the Society of Toxicology, USA 1987


General Secretary of Iranian Society of Toxicology since 2000


Member of Scientific committee of Seminar on Environmental Factors and Infertility, Tehran, Jan.30-31, 2002.


Member of Scientific committee of Seventh Iranian Congress of Toxicology and Poisoning Isfahan, May 15-17, 2002.


Member of Toxicology Consultant of DDIC, Tehran 2002


Member of Scientific committee 16Th Iranian Congress of Physiology and Pharmacology Tehran 2003.


Third rank in Basic Science Researchers at 11th Razi Medical Science Research Festival, 2005


IUTOX 2007 Senior Fellowship, ICT2007

Scientific Position


Professor, Department of Pharmacology, Tehran


Scientific Advisor to NanoSafety of Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council


Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology, Tehran


Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology, Tehran


Scientific Advisor to Technology Cooperation Office of Presidency


Scientific Consultants to Sobhan Pharmaceutical Company


Research Assistantship inToxicology, NLU, Monroe, LA,USA


Teaching Assistantship in Biology Lab, NLU, Monroe, LA , USA Instructor


Teaching Assistantship in Microbiology Lab , NLU, Monroe, LA - Instructor


Tutor, Inorganic Chemistry 101-102, Blinn College, Brenham, TX





Synergistic effect of rapamycin and metformin against germ cell apoptosis and oxidative stress after testicular torsion/detorsion-induced ischemia/reperfusion in rats

Authors: Ghasemnejad-berenji, M. Ghazi-Khansari, M. Pashapour, S., Jafari, A., Yazdani, I., Ghasemnejad-berenji, H., Saeedi Saravi, S.S., Sadeghpour, S., Nobakht, M., Abdollahi, A., mohajer Ansari, J.h, Dehpour, A.R
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Authors: , , ,


Discrepancies between N-Acetyl Cysteine Prescription based on Patient’s History and Plasma Acetaminophen Level.

Authors: F. Taghaddosi-Nejad , M. Alipash, Sh. Shadnia, M. Ghazi Khansari, H. Hassanian , A. Okazi
Iranian Journal of Toxicology , Vol.18, No.6, Year. 2012, Page: 709-715,

The effect of hibiscus sabdariffa on lipid profile, creatinine, and serum electrolytes: a randomized clinical trial

Authors: Mohagheghi A, Maghsoud S, Khashayar P, Ghazi-Khansari M
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Radioprotective effect of melatonin in reducing oxidative stress in rat lenses

Authors: Shirazi, A., Haddadi, G.H., Asadi-Amoli, F., Sakhaee, S., Ghazi-Khansari, M., Avand, A.
Cell Journal , Vol.13, No.2, Year. 2011, Page:79-82,

Hepatoprotective activity of angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors, captopril and enalapril, against paraquat toxicity

Authors: Jalal Pourahmad and Mir-Jamal Hosseini and Soudeh Bakan and Mahmoud Ghazi-Khansari
Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology, Vol.99, No.1, Year. 2011, Page:105--110,

Protection by pentoxifylline of malathion-induced toxic stress and mitochondrial damage in rat brain

Authors: A. Ranjbar and M. H. Ghahremani and M. Sharifzadeh and A. Golestani and M. Ghazi-Khansari and M. Baeeri and M. Abdollahi
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Diabetic thermal hyperalgesia: Role of TRPV1 and CB1 receptors of periaqueductal gray

Authors: Ahmad Mohammadi-Farani and Mousa Sahebgharani and Zargham Sepehrizadeh and Elham Jaberi and Mahmoud Ghazi-Khansari
Brain Research, Vol.1328, Year. 2010, Page:49--56,

Determination of migration monomer styrene from GPPS (general purpose polystyrene) and HIPS (high impact polystyrene) cups to hot drinks

Authors: Mohammad-Reza Khaksar and Mahmoud Ghazi-Khansari
Toxicology Mechanisms and Methods, Vol.19, No.3, Year. 2009, Page:257--261,

Evaluation of Melatonin for Prevention of Radiation Myelopathy in Irradiated Cervical Spinal Cord

Authors: Shirazi A, Haddadi GH, Ghazi-Khansari M, Abolhassani F, Mahdavi SR, Eshraghyan MR.
Yakhteh, Vol.11, No.1, Year. 2009, Page:43-48,

Sterility Effect of the Commercial Neem Extract NeemAzal-T/S (R) (Azadirachta indica A. Jus.) on Male Rats (Rattus norvegicus)

Authors: Morovati M, Mahmoudi M , Ghazi-Khansari M, Jabbari L, Khalilaria A
Turkish Journal Of Zoology , Vol.32, No.2, Year. 2009, Page:201-206,

(2009)Melatonin modulates the expression of "vascular endothelial growth factor" gene in irradiated rat cervical spinal cord.

Authors: Haddadi, G.H., Shirazi, A., Sepehrizadeh, Z., Ghazi-Khansari, M., Minaee, B., Farzaneh-Nejad, A., Haddadi, M., Meshkibaf, M
IFMBE Proceedings, Vol.25, No.3, Year. 2009, Page:540-543,

Determination of urinary lipid peroxidation and nitric oxide levels in patients with upper gastrointestinal cancers in Iran

Authors: Ali Mohammadi-Karakani and Mahmoud Ghazi-Khansari and Masoud Sotoudeh and Reza Malekzadeh
Toxicology Letters, Vol.180, Year. 2008,

Validation of an Analytical Methodology for Determination of Oxytetracycline Residue in Milk by HPLC with UV Detection

Authors: Roya Khosrokhavar and Mir-Jamal Hosseini and Mohsen Amini and Mortaza Pirali-Hamedani and Mahmoud Ghazi-Khansari and Azam Bakhtiarian
Toxicology Mechanisms and Methods, Vol.18, No.4, Year. 2008, Page:351--354,

Comparative Measurement of In Vitro Paraquat and Aflatoxin B1 Cytotoxicity Using Three Different Cytotoxicity Assays in Pheochromocytoma Cells (PC12)

Authors: Afshin Mohammadi-Bardbori and Majid Nejati and Jamileh Esmaeili and Homanaz Ghafari and Mahmoud Ghazi-Khansari
Toxicology Mechanisms and Methods, Vol.18, No.9, Year. 2008, Page:685--689,

Decreasing the oxidant stress from nitrofurantoin in isolated perfused rat lung using captopril

Authors: Mahmoud Ghazi-Khansari and Maryam Kakanj and Zahra Hami and Maryam Akhawan-Sephahie
Toxicology Letters, Vol.180, Year. 2008,

A disposition kinetic study of tramadol in rat perfused liver

Authors: Mohammad-Reza Rouini and Mahmoud Ghazi-Khansari and Yalda H. Ardakani and Zahra Dasian and Hoda Lavasani
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The assessment of captopril in intestinal ischemia–reperfusion in rat

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The in vitro effect of nano iron oxide coated by dextran on PC12 cell line

Authors: Somaie Jafari Nejad and Jamile Esmaili and Ali Beitollahi and Mahmoud Ghazi-Khansari and S. Mobini
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Attenuation of hepatic fibrosis through captopril and enalapril in the livers of bile duct ligated rats

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Alternative electron acceptors: Proposed mechanism of paraquat mitochondrial toxicity

Authors: A. Mohammadi-Bardbori and M. Ghazi-Khansari
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Enzymuria determination in children treated with aminoglycosides drugs

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Methadone ameliorates multiple-low-dose streptozotocin-induced type 1 diabetes in mice

Authors: K. Amirshahrokhi and A. R. Dehpour and J. Hadjati and M. Sotoudeh and M. Ghazi-Khansari
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Synthesis and characterisation of gelatin–nano hydroxyapatite composite scaffolds for bone tissue engineering

Authors: S. Mobini and J. Javadpour and M. Hosseinalipour and M. Ghazi-Khansari and A. Khavandi and H. R. Rezaie
Advances in Applied Ceramics, Vol.107, No.Advances in Applied Ceramics, Year. 2008, Page:4--8,

Sterility and Abortive Effects of the Commercial Neem ( Azadirachta indicaA. Juss.) Extract NeemAzal- T/S® on Female Rat ( Rattus norvegicus)

Authors: Morovati M, Mahmoudi M, Ghazi-Khansari M, Khalilaria A, Jabbari L
Turk J Zool , Vol.32, Year. 2008, Page:1-8,

Monitoring AMES assay on urine of clinical pathology laboratories technicians

Authors: Rezai-Bsiri M. Samini M., Ghazi-Khansari M., Rezayat M., Sahebgharani M., Partoazar A.
Journal of Pharmacology & Toxicology, Vol.3, No.3, Year. 2008, Page:230-235,

Melatonin prevents ischemia - Reperfusion injury following superior mesenteric artery occlusion in the rat

Authors: Pasbakhsh, P., Saeednia, S., Abolhassani, F., Ghazi Khansari, M., Mehrannia, K., Sobhani, A.G
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Alternative electron acceptors: Proposed mechanism ofparaquat mitochondrial toxicity

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Lithium chloride protects PC12 pheochromocytoma cell line from morphine-induced apoptosis

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Phytochemical study of Swertia longifolia

Authors: Hajimehdipoor, H., Dijoux-Franca, M.G., Mariotte, A.M., Amanzadeh, Y., Sadat-Ebrahimi, S.E., Ghazi-Khansari, M., Mozaffarian, V
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Comparative anti-fibrotic effect between ACE inhibitors on paraquat-induced lung fibrosis in rats

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Hepatoprotective role of captopril on paraquat induced hepatotoxicity

Authors: A. Elmi and Z. Sadeghi and S. Elmi and B. Daraei and M. Ghazi-Khansari
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Comparative Measurement of Cyanide and Paraquat Mitochondrial Toxicity Using Two Different Mitochondrial Toxicity Assays

Authors: Afshin Mohammadi-Bardbori and Mahmoud Ghazi-Khansari
Toxicology Mechanisms and Methods, Vol.17, No.2, Year. 2007, Page:87--91,

Nonthiol ACE inhibitors, enalapril and lisinopril are unable to protect mitochondrial toxicity due to paraquat

Authors: Afshin Mohammadi-Bardbori and Mahmoud Ghazi-Khansari
Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology, Vol.89, No.2, Year. 2007, Page:163--167,

Captopril ameliorates toxicity induced by paraquat in mitochondria isolated from the rat liver

Authors: M. Ghazi-Khansari and A. Mohammadi-Bardbori
Toxicology in Vitro, Vol.21, No.3, Year. 2007, Page:403--407,

Cyclosporine attenuates the adenylyl cyclase superactivation induced by chronic cannabinoid treatment

Authors: Hamid R. Banafshe and Mahmoud Ghazi-Khansari and Shahram Ejtemaei Mehr and Ahmad R. Dehpour
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Antifibrotic effect of captopril and enalapril on paraquat-induced lung fibrosis in rats

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Determination of urinary enzymes as a marker of early renal damage in diabetic patients

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A Radiobiological Review on Melatonin: A Novel Radioprotector

Authors: Alireza SHIRAZI and Ghazaleh GHOBADI and Mahmoud GHAZI-KHANSARI
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The inhibitory effect of captoperil on paraquat toxicity in mitochondria isolated from the rat liver

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Effects of temperature and time on migration of styrene monomer from polystyrene cups into milk

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Monitoring of oxytetracycline in bovine milk by high-performance liquid chromatography with UV-detector

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Determination of morphine in the plasma of addicts in using Zeolite Y extraction following high-performance liquid chromatography

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Using Janus Green B to Study Paraquat Toxicity in Rat Liver Mitochondria: Role of ACE Inhibitors (Thiol and Nonthiol ACEi)

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Protective effects of Swertia longifolia Boiss. and its active compound, swerchirin, on paracetamol-induced hepatotoxicity in mice

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Two new xanthone diglycosides from Swertia longifolia Boiss

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Lisinopril ameliorates paraquat-induced lung fibrosis

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The study of blood concentration in hypertensive and normotensive adults in Tehran Hospitals

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The effect of cyclosporine on the development and expression of cannabinoid tolerance in mice

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Decreasing the oxidant stress from paraquat in isolated perfused rat lung using captopril and niacin

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Protective Effects of Sildenafil and Dipyridamol from Lead-induced Lipid Peroxidation in Perfused Rat Liver

Authors: Ramesh Aghababaeian, Mahmoud Ghazi-Khansari, Khosrou Abdi, Fakhreldin Taghadosinejad and Mohammad Abdollahi
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Heavy metals content of canned tuna fish.

Authors: F. Emami Khansari, M. Ghazi-Khansari and M. Abdollahi.
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Decreasing the oxidant stress from paraquat in isolated perfused rat lung using captopril and niacin

Authors: Ghazi-Khansari M, Nasiri G, Honarjoo M
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Heavy metals (Ni, Cr, Cu) in the Karoon waterway river, Iran

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Effect of progesterone and lovastatin on very low density liopoprotein 1 and 2 in the normal guinea pig model

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Detection of Morphine in Opioid Abusers Hair by GC/MS

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Incidence of patulin contamination in apple juice produced in Iran

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T-2 toxin hepatotoxicity in the in situ rat liver model.

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637 Lead and cadmium content of korbal rice in Northern Iran

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Binary combinations of barbiturates on human a1 glycine receptors expressed on xenopus oocytes

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A survey of the natural occurrence of mycotoxin zearalenone in maize from northern Iran by TLC - densitometry

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A polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) based population study in von willebrand factor (vWF) and IgH gene on Iranian ethnic groups.

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Effect of Hydrogen Peroxide and Physiological Saline on the Bacterial Flora of Periodontal Pocket.

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Authors: J. Esmaeili and M. Mohebali and G. H. Edrissian and S. M. Rezayat and M. Ghazi-Khansari


Evaluation of Some Natural Zeolites and Their Relevant Synthetic Types as Sorbents for Removal of Arsenic from Drinking Water

Authors: R Menhage-Bena and H Kazemian and M Ghazi-Khansari and M Hosseini and SJ Shahtaheri


Alteration of body total antioxidant capacity and thiol molecules in human chronic exposure to aluminum

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Authors: تقي محمدي گرگاني ، دكتر محمود قاضي خوانساري ، دكتر مسعود ستوده
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Authors: شميله فولاددل، علي محمدي كركاني، محمود قاضي خوانساري،ابراهيم عزيزي
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Authors: بيژن فرزامي، رمضان صادقي، سيده زهرا بطحايي، فخرالدين تقدسي نژاد، محمود قاضي خوانساري
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Authors: محمود قاضي‌ خوانساري، حسن توفيقي، فائقه مقدم، طره پريشان زاده
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Authors: محمود قاضي‌ خوانساري، گيتي ابوحسين
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آشنايي با مركز كنترل مسموميت و اطلاع‌رساني داروئي

Authors: محمود قاضي‌ خوانساري،فرانك فيروزي
نبض, Vol.3, No.5, Year. 1372, Page: 30-25 ,

راهي ساده براي تهيه اسلايد با كامپيوتر (قسمت دوم):

Authors: اميرهوشنگ بهشت‌نژاد، بيژن جهانگيري، محمود قاضي‌ خوانساري
نبض, Vol.3, No.1, Year. 1372, Page:7-3,

راهي ساده براي تهيه اسلايد با كامپيوتر

Authors: اميرهوشنگ بهشت‌نژاد، بيژن جهانگيري، محمود قاضي ‌خوانساري
نبض, Vol.2, No.12, Year. 1372, Page:12-3,

English language Journal: Acta Medica, Daru, Iranian Journal of Medical Sciences, and Archives of Iranian Medicine


Pharmacology & Toxicology Journal


Computer Knowledge


SPSS, Word, Sigmaplot, Excell, Photoshop, Instat. Statgragh




Member of national board of toxicology in educational undersecretary of Ministry of Health

Activity Type:Member

Member of national board of Pharmacology in educational undersecretary of Ministry of Health

Activity Type:Member

Teaching Assistantship in Pharmacology Lab, NLU, Monroe, LA

Activity Type:Others


 Preparation of drugs
       Preparation of instruments
       Demonstration of effects of drugs to the students

Post-Doctorate Fellowship, LSUMC -Dept of Medicine, USA Molecular Biology

Activity Type:Member


Heme & Iron Metabolism:
Preparation of plasmid DNA                   Synthesis of 59Fe-hemin & 125I-BSA
RNA transcription in vitro                       Heme uptake in Caco-2 cell culture
RNA probe hybridization                        Heme, iron transport & heme  
RNA Mapping assay                               oxygenase activity in Caco-2
Isoelectric Focusing Gel                          bicameral cell culture
Advisor and supervision of hematology/oncology research fellow
and medical student

Member of Founder of Iran Cell Bank, Pasturer Institute, Tehran

Activity Type:Member

Member Board of Drug Research, Ministry of Research Affair, Tehran

Activity Type:Member
1. Selenium and cancer
2. Heavey metals and Hypertension
3. Heavy metals determination in water and Food Commodities
4. Lung and Liver perfusion
5. Cytotoxicity study of mycotoxin
6. Radiation induced fibrosis
7. Molecular mechanism of fibrosis
8. The Role of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme in Lung Fibrosis