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Kazem Zendehdel

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Address: End Keshavarz Bulvard, Imam Khomeinin Hospital, Cancer Instittute, Cancer Research Center
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Internal medicine
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Cancer Research Center
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Epidemiology, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden,


Tehran University of Meidcal Sciences,


Speaking: Good, Reading: Good, Writing: Good

سمت اجرايي


Deputy of Research

Cancer Research Center,

Secretary of National Ethics Commitee

Ministry of Health and Medical Education,

Secretary of National Cancer Research Network

Ministry of Health and Medical Education,

Scientific Position


Assitant Professor

Tehran University of Meidcal Sciences, IranCancer Research Center, 2008-Present




Lack of Detection of the Mouse Mammary Tumor-like Virus (MMTV) Env Gene in Iranian Women Breast Cancer using Real Time PCR.

Authors: Tabriz HM, Zendehdel K, Shahsiah R, Fereidooni F, Mehdipour B, Hosseini ZM
Asian Pac J Cancer Prev, Vol.14, No.5, Year. 2013, Page:2945-8,

Epidemiology of cervical cancer and human papilloma virus infection among Iranian women - analyses of national data and systematic review of the literature.

Authors: Khorasanizadeh F, Hassanloo J, Khaksar N, Mohammad Taheri S, Marzaban M, H Rashidi B, Akbari Sari A, Zendehdel K
Gynecol Oncol, Vol.128, No.2, Year. 2013, Page:277-81,

Academic disintegrity among medical students: a randomised response technique study.

Authors: Mortaz Hejri S, Zendehdel K, Asghari F, Fotouhi A, Rashidian A
Med Educ, Vol.47, No.2, Year. 2013, Page:144-53,

Mutation screening in the mitochondrial D-loop region of tumoral and non-tumoral breast cancer in Iranian patients

Authors: Rahmani B, Azimi C, Omranipour R, Raoofian R, Zendehdel K, Saee-Rad S, Heidari M
Acta Med Iran, Vol.20, No.7, Year. 2012, Page:447-53,

Postmenopausal breast cancer in Iran; risk factors and their population attributable fractions.

Authors: Ghiasvand R, Bahmanyar S, Zendehdel K, Tahmasebi S, Talei A, Adami HO, Cnattingius S
BMC Cancer, Vol.19, No.12, Year. 2012, Page:414,

Impact of methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase C677T polymorphism on the risk of gastric cancer and its interaction with Helicobacter pylori infection.

Authors: Saberi S, Zendehdel K, Jahangiri S, Talebkhan Y, Abdirad A, Mohajerani N, Bababeik M, Karami N, Esmaili M, Oghalaie A, Hassanpour P, Amini N, Mohagheghi MA, Eshagh Hossieni M, Mohammadi M
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Sexual function in breast cancer patients: a prospective study from Iran.

Authors: Harirchi I, Montazeri A, Zamani Bidokhti F, Mamishi N, Zendehdel K
J Exp Clin Cancer Res, Vol.31, Year. 2012,

Six-fold difference in the stomach cancer mortality rate between northern and southern Iran

Authors: Zendehdel K, Marzban M, Nahvijou A, Jafari N
Arch Iran Med, Vol.15, No.12, Year. 2012, Page:741-6,

Tracing human papilloma virus in breast tumors of Iranian breast cancer patients.

[PUB Med ]
Authors: Ghaffari SR, Sabokbar T, Meshkat Z, Fereidooni F, Dastan J, Rafati M, Zendehdel K
Epub 2011 Jan 31, Vol.17, No.2, Year. 2011 , Page:218-9,

Cervical screening participation and risk among Swedish-born and immigrant women in Sweden

Authors: Azerkan F, Sparén P, Sandin S, Tillgren P, Faxelid E
Int J Cancer, Year. 2011 Mar 21,

Granulocyte colony stimulating factor for prevention of craniospinal radiation treatment interruption among central nervous system tumor patients

Authors: ., Kalaghchi B, Kazemian A, Hassanloo J, Zendehdel K.
Granulocyte colony stimulating factor for prevention of craniospinal radiation treatment interruption among central nervous system tumor patients, Vol.11, No.6, Year. 2011, Page:1499-502,

Granulocyte colony stimulating factor for prevention of craniospinal radiation treatment interruption among central nervous system tumor patients

Authors: Kalaghchi B, Kazemian A, Hassanloo J, Zendehdel K.
Granulocyte colony stimulating factor for prevention of craniospinal radiation treatment interruption among central nervous system tumor patients, Vol.11, No.6, Year. 2011,

Prognostic factors and survival in stomach cancer - analysis of 15 years of data from a referral hospital in Iran and evaluation of international variation.

Authors: Khedmat H, Panahian M, Mashahdian M, Rajabpour MV, Zendehdel,
Onkologie, Vol.34, No.4, Year. 2011, Page:178-82,

Fostering Population-Based Cancer Registries in Developing Countries

Authors: Keshtmand G, Zendehdel K,
Basic & Clin Cancer Research, Vol.1, No.3, Year. 2011,

Audit of a nationwide pathology-based cancer registry in Iran

Authors: Zendehdel K, Sedighi Z, Hassanloo J, Nahvijou A,
Basic & Clin Cancer Research, Vol.2, No.3, Year. 2011,

Increased risk of gastresophageal cancer among smokers and users of Scandinavian moist snuff (snus) Int

Authors: Zendehdel K., Nyrén O., Luo J, Dickman P.W., Boffetta P., Englund A, Ye W
J Cancer , No.122, Year. 2008, Page:1095-1099,

Parity and risk of stomach cancer by histology, a nested case-control study in Sweden

Authors: Bahmanyar S., Lambe M, Zendehdel K, Nyren O., Boffetta P, Ye W
Br. J. Cancer, No.98, Year. 2008, Page:1295-1300,

Human Leukocyte Antigens (HLA) Associated with Selective IgA Deficiency in Iran and Sweden

Authors: Javad Mohammadi, Zahra Pourpak, Sara Jarefors, Shiva Saghafi, Kazem Zendehdel, Ali Akbar Pourfathollah, Ali Akbar Amirzargar, Asghar Aghamohammadi, Mostafa Moin, and Lennart Hammarstrom
Iranian Journal of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, Vol.7, No.4, Year. 2008, Page:209-214,

Cervical cancer among immigrant women in Sweden by follow-up time and age at migration

Authors: Azerkan F, Zendehdel K, Johansson A., Faxlid E, Tilgren P, Sparen P
Int J Cancer, Vol.123, No.11, Year. 2008, Number of Page:2664-70

Tobacco use, Body Mass Index an the risk of leukemias and multiple myeloma − a nationwide cohort study in Sweden

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Risk of oesophageal cancer by histology among patients hospitalised for gastroduodenal ulcers

Authors: Bahmanyar S,Zendehdel K, Nyren O, Ye W
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Risk of Esophageal Adenocarcinoma in Achalasia Patients, a Retrospective Cohort Study in Sweden

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Oral use of Swedish moist snuff (snus) and risk for cancers of the mouth

Authors: Luo J., Ye W., Zendehdel K.. Lancet. 2007;369: 2015-20. , Adami J.,Adami HO, Boffetta P., Nyrén O
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Cancer Incidence in Patients with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus. A Population-Based Cohort Study in Sweden

Authors: Zendehdel K., Nyren O., Ostenson C.G., Adami H.O., Ekbom A., Ye W
J Natl Cancer Inst, Year. 2003, Page:1797-800,

Metabolic and clinical effects of Ramadan fasting in patients with type II diabetes

Authors: Yarahmadi Sh, Larijani B, Bastanhagh MH, Pajouhi M, Baradar Jalili R, Zahedi F, Zendehdel K, Akrami SM
J Coll Physicians,



بررسي ديدگاه هاي پژوهشگران ومسؤولين نشريات علوم پزشكي ايران درخصوص شرايط وتعريف نويسنده واصول اخلاقي مربوطه درانتشارمقالات علوم پزشكي.

Authors: دكترطاهره فتاح،دكترعلي اكبري ساري،دكترعلي اكبرحقدوست, دكتركاظم زنده د ل، دكترمحمدواسعي,
مجله پژوهشي حكيم, Vol.13, No.1, Year. 1389, Page:28-32,

ارتقاءكيفي فعاليتهاي ثبت سرطان درايران،بخش دوم: پيشنهادبرنامه جديدثبت سرطان دركشوربراساس مطالعه تطبيقي ثبت سرطان در 18 كشورجهان

Authors: دكتركاظم زنده دل، دكترژاله حسنلو، دكترزهراصديقي،دكترآذين نحوي جو, دكترعليرضاموسوي جراحي، دكتررضاملك زاده،دكترحسين ملك افضلي اردكان,
مجله پژوهشي حكيم, Vol.12, No.4, Year. 1388, Page:50-57,

ارتقاءكيفي فعاليتهاي ثبت سرطان درايران بخش اول: ارزيابي نتايج فعاليتهاي ثبت سرطان دركشو

Authors: دكتركاظم زنده دل،دكترزهراصديقي،دكترژاله حسنلو،دكترآذين نحوي جو,
مجله پژوهشي حكيم, Vol.12, No.4, Year. 1388, Page:42-48,

Computer Knowledge

  • Miscrosoft Office
  • Statistical Softwares including SAS and STATA 

Secretary of National Ethics Comitee, Ministry of Health and Medical Education, Iran

Activity Type:Secretary
1. Research Ethics
2. Cancer Epidemiology