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Azar Mehri

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Assistant Professor
Speech therapy
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Comparing Verb and Object Naming Between Patients With Parkinson Disease and Patients With Cortical Stroke.

Authors: Zahra Mohamadi , Nahid Jalilevand* , Masoud Roudbari , Azar Mehri
Iranian Rehabilitation Journal , Vol.16, No.4, Year. 2018,

The Effect of Word Retrieval Therapy in Primary Progressive Aphasia: A Single-Case Study

Authors: Salime Jafari, Ahmad Reza Khatoonabadi, **, Maryam Noroozian, *, Azar Mehri, Hassan Ashayeri
Arch Neurosci, Vol.5, No.4, Year. 2018,

Correlation of INECO Frontal Screening With Verbal Fluency Tasks and MMSE in Persian Healthy Population

Authors: Fatemeh Satarian , Azar Mehri* , Shohreh Jalaie
Journal of Modern Rehabilitation , Vol.12, No.1, Year. 2018, Page:21-30.,

Normative data for the Pyramids and Palm Trees Test in literate Persian adults

Authors: Azar Mehri*, Seyede Zohreh Mousavi, Mohammad Kamali, Saman Maroufizadeh
Iran J Neurol , Vol.17, No.1, Year. 2018, Page:18-23,

Comparing Verb Fluency With Verbal Fluency in Patients With Alzheimer's Disease

Authors: Mousavi SZ, Mehri A, Saman Maroufizadeh S, Emadi Koochak S
Middle East J Rehabil Health, Vol.1, No.2, Year. 2014, Page:e23609,

Validity and reliability of oral picture-naming test in aphasic Adults

Authors: Tahanzadeh B, Soleymani Z, Khoddami SM, Mehri A, Jalaie Sh
Audiology, Vol.21, No.4, Year. 2012, Page:84-93,

Picture Naming of Patients with Alzheimer' Disease, Aphasia and The Healthy Elderly

Authors: Yadegari F, Foroughan M, Mehri A, Shirinbayan P
Middle East Journal of Age and Aging , Vol.5, No.5, Year. 2008,



. Normative data for the pyramids and palm trees test in the Persian 20-79 years old adults

Authors: Mehri A, Mousavi SZ, Kamali M
Journal of Modern Rehabilitation,

Executive function and language function in stroke patients and normal adults

Authors: Sheykh Najdi A, Mehri A, Dolatshahi B, Faghihzadeh S, Kazemi R
Journal of Modern Rehabilitation, Vol.8, No.1, Year. 2014, Page:10-18,

Standardization of the comprehension passive sentence in children with normal hearing 3 to 8 years and 8 years compared with children with severe hearing loss in Central Tehran

Authors: Afaghi Y, Mehri A, Soleymani Z, Jalaie SH, Zolani Azizi H
Journal of Modern Rehabilitation, Vol.7, No.4, Year. 2013, Page:1-7,

Determination of validity and reliability of Persian picture version

Authors: Radaei M, Mehri A, Dastjerdi Kazemi M, Jalaei Sh
Journal of Modern Rehabilitation, Vol.7, No.3, Year. 2013, Page:18-23,

The relation of hearing loss degrees and oral stereognosis in 5-year-old children

Authors: Mosavi SZ, Sabaghi A, Mehri A, Maroufizade S
Audiology, Vol.21, No.4, Year. 2012, Page:37-43,

The role of sex in glottic closure pattern in people with normal voice

Authors: khoddami SM, Mehri A, Jahani Y
Audiology, Vol.20, No.1, Year. 2011, Page:64-72,

Relationship between phonological awareness, rapid automatized naming and reading in first grade students in Tehran

Authors: Soleymani Z, Saeedmanesh M, Dastjerdi M, Mehri A and Jahani Y
Audiology, Vol.18, No.1-2, Year. 2010, Page:18-25,

Providing a picture verb naming test and determine its validity in Persian aphasia patients

Authors: Mehri A, Kord N, Ghaemi H
Modern Rehabilitation, Vol.3, No.1-2, Year. 2009, Page:6-10,

Investigation of phonological Processing in children 2-4 year- old

Authors: Simashirazi T, Mehdipour N, Mehri A,Rahgozar M
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Investigation of usage of semantic and phonological cues in naming of fluent aphasia and Alzheimer disease

Authors: Mehri A, Jahani Y, Alemi R and Aramipour E
Audiology, Vol.16, No.2, Year. 2008, Page:52-58,

The Study of phonological Processing in normal children 2-3/5 year- old

Authors: Rezapour M, Mehri A, Tahbaz S
Journal of Noandishan Sabz, Vol.1, No.2, Year. 2007,

The comparison study of articulation errors in cochlear implant children before 3 and after 4 years old

Authors: Saeedmanesh M, Mehri A, Rouhbakhsh N, Bitraf M and Ketabdar P
Audiology, Vol.16, No.1, Year. 2007, Page:60-65,

Comparison of Pragmatic Competence and Performance in Two Groups of Deaf and Normal Children

Authors: Mehri A, Nilipoor R, Karimloo M
Journal of Rehabilitation, Vol.7, No.3, Year. 2006, Page:38-43,

Reading and Writing Skills among Farsi Speaking First Graders Taught by the Composite Method

Authors: Simashirazi T, Nilipoor R, and Mehri A
Quarterly Journal of Education, Vol.21, No.1, Year. 2005, Page:113-130,